Monday, November 13, 2006

An epiphany

I have had an epiphany! It has been such a gut wrenching process, that I found myself losing all interest in all of the former political forums, periodicals and blogs, and appetites that I frequented and also with the friends whom I have had common beliefs with, is now shelved. Never believing that I would ever form an independent thought which was contrary to the lock-step hard line of the conservative republican /democratic policticos.

Being affiliated in mind and belief with the most popular mainstream programming, as by radio, television that have groomed their talking heads to espouse their pre-approved pre-packaged image of freedom, and not the real gift of freedom given from God. Slowly conforming the masses into a shivering waft of our former selves, believing the spoon-fed regiment of snippets, blurbs, and sound bites.

Whereas the relevant issues are glossed over by the mainstream, crowded out by fluff and superfluous attention to fashion, consumerism, racisms, hate, and greed resulting in the assistance the furtherance of a covert clandestine accord by the elite power structure within the world who are linked by the desire to control the world’s people under a tyrannical pursuit of base elemental human rule and dominance of those whom have been enslaved by the construct of those who are the formers of the collective consciousness.

The manipulation of the mind through the conditionings and the stimulation of the senses at the most base level, the arousal of underlying primal fear within the human mind through theatrical embellishments of the conditions of the world around us when it is by this methodologies the consequences of these falsehood are made reality. By giving the peoples a sense of urgency in these falsehoods they run to those whom claim to hold remedy for the worlds ills.

And, if they are willing to follow the prescribed path to self-hollowness, has the trainer snaps its whip corralling the masses into the belief that they will be saved from the horrors of the human animal which is they whom have inflicted the ills upon ourselves, in the first place. The cognitive abilities of the individual being quashed because of the fear of the intuitive awareness of an awakening of the innermost man whom they fear, and whom no one can deceive.

And through this continuance, is the retardation of the transformation of Mankind itself. And if these impressions are the reality of the matter, then what shall we do when we see that it is we ourselves who are the (they) whom have caused these things to come forth within our pursuit of our own illusionary and security?

What shall we do?

Reverend Joseph G. Steadman