Thursday, January 08, 2009

God Gave Me One Second

I sat alone…

I sat alone, the raging world just outside the door cut off, as I struggled, groaning and straining to hear His beautiful voice with all my heart, mind and failing strength, ‘in the mist of the raging whirlwind that has become my soul, When suddenly from beyond my limited awareness? The Most Holy Loving God step out! ‘From within me? ‘From Everywhere within me?’ He Lovingly possesses me entirely as a mother possesses Her most loving and Only Begotten Son! When without realizing it, I had begun to wash my feet with my tears. ‘Mine feet were His, His feet mine!’

All the horror that was my life fell away as warm water washing over me. As He stood up within me I stood up in Him as We stood as one together weaved and intertwined I wept in awe of His glorious presence, each falling tear washing my soul clean of all the endless days sorrow and guilt. Spirit, soul, and flesh-now stand midair weightless! Dead? Weather in the body or no? I know not! At first, I was unable to look into His all-loving Face for the awe and trembling in my heart! I shook as His presence suspends me between heavens and earth; all human strength vanishes as vapor.

His most gentle hands holding mine from that Holiest Place, only the tops of my toes brushing this world, then for the first time in my entire life experience in Him I saw with His eyes! He stepped again from within me, and yet remained my very being, every particle under His loving reigns. His hands are mine, His mouth mine, His Face mine, I saw clearly! My soul revealed in His Most loving gaze, my temporal body only mere shadow? My heart beats its last three! Dead! Before Him! Dead! Again, and Again! In my spirit dead, in my soul dead, and my body dead before Him!

Yet not! ‘I live forever more!’ ‘I AM Eternal’ As my Father and yours IS Eternal and created us all Eternally His! So It Is Written So It Be Done! As I beheld, my heart and soul singing for joy in all its proclamation unto all creation an ever-living offering of life ever before Him in all His fullness! The ever more uncontained Ever Present He. Engulfs me in all time bare, now is my soul wide open an ever new river of Him Loving Water of Life, I AM completely unveiled and empty torn from top to bottom, exposed for the filling! ‘Instantly Filled’ consumed into that place prepared for me, Prepared for us all!

‘I AM as I AM Known Standing in Him! A Pillar! An Entrance! A Door! A Transformation! A ‘Most Holy Place’ An Eternal Dwelling Place! Prepared in us all for us all, ‘All Him in us!’ Us in Him are many reflections, many facets, and many dwellings, revealed from within His handiwork that is within Us! Revels ‘The Sons of God’ In my Father’s House are many mansions!’


I beheld ‘The gift, ‘that builds that place without hands ’ ever growing in me, ever present in me ‘that golden gain of mustard seed’ ‘Alive! Growing!’ ‘See with Mine Eye!’ ‘Says The Lord!’ In seeing I AM Face-to-Face In The seed that Is God-Faith! The Almighty God Father and Lord of All! Planted in us! The Holiest of All! ‘The Great I AM! Eye-to-Eye!’ maturing, forming in me. ‘He kissed me with His most supple lips’ Our Father God of all! Emptied me, He took all tears and gave to My Loving Elder Brother who washed me of the old head to feet with them! I AM cleansed and free! Standing in that ‘Most Holy Place’ All consumed in the overwhelming fullness of My Eternal Family’s full and tender embrace ‘My spirit and soul sealed! Melding into Him The Father’s Voice thundered All Creation bowed: ‘Welcome My Son!

‘Come and Dine’ ‘The Master Calleth!’ ‘Come and Dine’

‘Behold The Marriage supper of The Lamb Is Come!’

Once of twain ‘But now, ‘Singularly Known’ as I AM Known!’ the flow of My Father’s Voice from within my overwhelmed heart speaking the clearer! ‘I AM’ your heart finally Home! Rest, is Your Eternal Home ‘I AM’ come! ‘Lay down ‘your’ sword, ‘The battle Is Won! Armageddon Is Sealed and Finish!’ His most precious Self Sealed Up the Sum! ‘I AM!’ Most Holy Loving Spirit. Eternally unfolding ‘Love lives in me!’

All of Him stood up in me! In me was one split second revealed, ‘Face-to-Face.’ All eternity glimpsed in that expression of ‘a single second of time’ Eternal ever expanding Him! He exposed in me soul from flesh; I stood bare before my Father God The

Creator in my true nature aware of my eternal self, spirit soul and body redeemed, Truly Born again! I AM Anew! Now, my soul stands pure and free. The effects all of my life’s trials on my soul ‘gone for ever’ wash away by His loving eyes! Now there is truly no more war in my soul! Against any person or thing.

Jesus has truly ‘Come’ in me! Most Loving Him! Sealed I AM! I am Singularly clear! Empty trembling and, stripped before my Father God, Before The Lamb, Before The Manchild! Revealed! Known! ‘As I AM Known!’ Freely receiving His full Possession from head to toe all that has blinded me in my soul, and which polluted my heart for the eternity that was that, ever expanding split second of time. Ever-present ever expanding He in me, unfolding me before me! The House that is I AM Eternal! Now shows through unto that temporal house. Now revealed in me ‘that place of peace’ ‘that most secret hidden place.’ The ever-present Help in that one-second of need! When you need to bridge the gap between this world and the next. God will move Heaven and Earth to finish His work in us all. Always there just for the asking access given to The Father of Lights.

Phi 2:5 (1063) Let this mind be 5426, 5124 in 1722 you, 5213 which 3739 was also 2532 in 1722 Christ 5547 Jesus: 2424

1 Co 15:52 In 1722 a moment, 823 in 1722 the twinkling 4493 of an eye, 3788 at 1722 the 3588 last 2078 trump: 4536 for 1063 the trumpet shall sound, 4537 and 2532 the 3588 dead 3498 shall be raised 1453 incorruptible, 862 and 2532 we 2249 shall be changed. 236

Jam 1:17 every good giving, and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the lights, with whom is no variation, or shadow of turning;

What we want in life we must first give to others! Give what you want to others and it shall be granted to you, that which you gave, In Him!