Friday, February 06, 2009

'Caught betwixt ‘the then, and the now’

Everyone’s out to make their millions, but no one is out to seek the heart of God for themselves. Everyone relies one someone else to lead him or her by the nose into the Promised Land. Who has their eye on the prize? Who is it that draws man? Who is it that gives and takes, upon the heart’s request? Are we so distracted by the whirlwind in our head that we can’t come to that place where we refuse to accept nothing lest than what God The King of the universe has provided for us all, as sons?

Caught betwixt ‘the then, and the now’,

‘The cash cow or thorns so crowned?’

Frailties abound, the Master’s voice drowns!

Suddenly aware, succumbed and bound,

Cunningly surrendered, is your Royalty Crowns!

‘Usurped!’ ‘Usurped!’ ‘Dominion Usurped!’ The Kingdom Not Found!

‘Is the hour of visitation at hand?’

‘The Trump of God! Our visitation sounds! In man!

Your God given power and might! Your Eternal Birthright!

Proclaim! Proclaim! (Shout! Proclaim! From The High and Holy Tower!)

‘Comes Now! The Hour of Power come upon us in this our chosen Hour!’

Our world shall melt away as do the hours end no more souls bought, or owned!

Living, as though, our souls were ours to own! As if our lives were some kind of lifetime pay as you go plan. ‘Is that really for Us, God’s Most Supreme Plan?

‘The Hour Is At Hand.”