Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Secret

There is only one law!

It is the very thing, which occupies our every thought. It is the thing, which controls our life, our relationships, our associations, our affiliations, and even our intentions. It drives every area of our natural, and spiritual environment, (all of it!)

It governs the way we feel, the way we respond to things, events, and to even people, it structures the way others respond to us, it gives us what is set in motion. It establishes every direction of every minute, hour, day, week, and even every year, year upon year!

It is the culmination of everything coming forth into the seen environment, it is set from the point of birth on, it has set every day in motion, understand that things are not has it is told.

It is something so entirely different from that well-known axiom: (that is just way things are.) Even, as we found ourselves saying it time, and time again, over and over. This indelibly sets this law even more firmly into the fabric of our lives.

It is the sole force, which drives every motivation. It directs every intention. It gives back to the utmost degree that which is put in, it treats every motivation the same. It treats everything as thought it were the only purpose of your life.

It reaches beyond the limited confines of indoctrination, and manipulation of, and from others or even from self. It accomplishes with the full force and intent of all the power of creation, to bring forth the resulting properties of this one law.

It is contained yet elusive, it is expressive yet inaudible, it is substantial yet it is intangible. It is the reverberation of output, resounding back through the constructs of intention.

It is the fulcrum by which all things are initiated. It is the application and intent of our hearts and minds, emulating the culmination of our inner most thought accomplishing the very thing, which we have invoked with the one law.

It is the mechanism that produces the foundation for all of our emotional states; it guides our vision of and into the future, through these emotional conditions a preview of what is to come is manifest.

It is the motive, the desire, the urge, the passion, the want, the intent, the vision, and the mission of all of our thoughts, and outputs into this realm of creation. It is the source and participants of this one law!

Do you know The Secret?

Rev. Joseph G. Steadman