Friday, July 14, 2006

In Enoch Shoes (A Christian Allegory)

I found myself a float in absolute pitch blackness, upright and on my feet, and being unable to see anything but the faint outline of what looked like flat floating stones, on which I was standing. Then, I saw a stone just a steps distance in front of me. I could not see what they were made of. So I reluctantly reached out in the darkness, for some point of reference for my mind to grasp on to. Then, I felt fear welling up in me, and as I did, the stones begin to fade away beneath me. And I felt my soul falling, deeper and deeper into the darkness. Then, I really began to feel the rush of fear overwhelming me, welling up even into my throat. Then, I heard a voice inside soft, tender and clear say to my heart (O) ye, of little faith!) That is way you fail, because you doubt what you are made of, and you forsake what is in you, from your birth. These words calmed me, and joy filled me, I began to breathe again. As I continued to have faith in myself, then the stones began to strengthen beneath me. Then I began to feel as if I were traveling faster than anything I ever could ever imagine, with each step. It was as if I were traveling by thought itself.

But in this pitch I could not say, having to point of reference. And then a small glimmering point of light began to come into focus, from what seemed to be a very far away. My heart raced with the seeing of this light. And just as I placed my thought on the light, I was there before it. It began to swell in size, before my eyes and as I approached, it began to take on the qualities of what I believed to be a back hole, but made of light. Swirling with a deafening vibration, which I began to resonate within my soul. I began to be in sink with the pulse of the energies of this giant swirling mass of amines love, joy and light. Then I could see great flashes of detail in what the light exposed, as it slung out its light across the vastness of this place. Then, I began to see what looked like creatures, beings of I could only describe as, of a higher estate then I, flying about with great speed in this place about me. But, then to my astonishment the rays of light, which the mass was slinging out into the vastness, were in fact these beings flying with great speed into the darkness, as lightening. And as they went they devoured the darkness, overcoming it with joy, and love, as they went to and fro, they turned again and brought their content of light to the great swirling mass, and it was consumed.

All that I witnessed took place in the splitting of a second. Then I began to see within my own soul, and low! I to began to devour the darkness around me, and as I took hold of the darkness around me, I felt that it was (alive), and it whaled in torment, to be free of its pain and as I came to the mass, it began to glow with an inner warmth, and peace. Then I knew these where soul trapped within the darkness. As I loosed to the mass it somehow gave me thanks for bringing it to the Light. Joy flowed from it, as it became on with the mass. The stones on which I was walking, where gone, and I too was flying with great speed with the energy of this giant mass of beings of light. And with the greater speed I traveled, the brighter and more powerful I became, I began to hear a chorus of familiar voices speaking within me with love, joy, and kindness in unimaginable volumes. Through their voices I began to know all the mysteries of my life in perfect synchronicity, and harmony. I instantly knew that all of my trials, and sorrow in my life had created I thought to be voids. Now, I knew that they were allowed by this mass of energy, so to be filling all those places in my soul with this great light.

But now, I know that the voids where in fact special places held in reserve, to be filled with all that this energy that was now imparting to me, with great flashings of souls. They filled my soul, endless in number, and all of them I knew totally! Then, I knew that these are the voices, which continually spoke to my soul, in this place, and as they spoke, I focused in on one voice in particular; it was the most beautiful voice ever heard, it softly began to rise above the others in clarity, as it resounded throughout the whole of this firmament. The voice began to tell of my place of authority herein, and what I was to do. And, as the voice laid all out from beginning to end, or what seemed to be the end, the voice paused as to let me take it all in. With each word I felt infinite waves of love, joy, and power, flowing through ever part of me. The words wrapped themselves around me, with a belonging, and a love in awesome authority, the mass of swirling beings began to focus all of their hearts upon me and, they spoke a chorus of abilities unto me and, I began to be transformed by their resounding power within these words. It was as if I were being created anew, a creature of limitless love, kindness, mercy, power and authority.

Now, I knew that I could create with the utterance of a single word, or with a single thought. And, as this transformation took place, the voice above all of the others spoke: unto me. (These beings are they to whom you have imparted your gifts of love to in your life, and now they have sown, and cherished it, and have gained an increase, which I now give to you, to posses.) Again, flashes of lightening filled my soul, with joy, and love as I saw all of the beings imparting to me increases of what I could only compare to, as an ever-growing spirit of love, within the light which enveloped me, increased exponentially beyond measure. Every living thing was found to be part of me! Fowl, fishes, very creeping thing, things seen, and unseen where all adjoined within me, I in them. I began to breathe in what I knew to be a (super verse,) of abilities, but more than that! There is so much more than that! (Alive!) And pulsating with love, an unimaginable presence! (It is! All that is!) It is (One!) And its voice rose up above all others again in me, and said: (You are all, that you are!) (And, Now!)

You know even as you are known! And, now you are known, as (I AM known.) And in the speaking, these words opened an expanse of universes innumerable and endless, limitless vistas intertwined existences simultaneous in me. Then I moved throughout entire (super-verse) Simultaneously creating, and imparting, as I was imparted to. The One spoke unto me again, (As you have freely received, freely give!) To all those who have bore witness my presence! With each, and every transformation of a soul, entering into the Spirit of the One, the creation re-births again anew exponentially, in a never-ending cycle of creation throughout Eternity. The One voice proclaimed! (As it is from the beginning so also it is, even so, Amen!) Now, I am found on high, beyond all former transientness enter-woven into the very being of the heavens, itself. I hear, and I am its resounding sound, living, everyone I have ever known and loved are about me, and in me, and through me. Coursing through my soul beyond measure. They are I, and I am they, in one, joined, and separate individuals, but yet not. I am without end, without faltering. I am radiant from within throughout all eternity spanned, and I am clothed with multitudes of glories, pulsing with trillions, and trillions of manifest glories unto glories eternal, as flaming crowns encircling head to toe, filled with every power, and energy, ever renewed.

Life fills my soul with all that is, all love, and joy with all knowledge, even unto an endless and on going fullness of the voice of the One itself. I am an individual of multitudes; a voice of many waters, of no separations, I am ever expansive, my reach is without limit and endless throughout all dimensions. My voice is all the voices of eternity clearly heard throughout all the heavens, proclaiming glory of Victory! Over transientness, unto the freedom of being as it is in the beginning, Beginning to End united in the One. As I wink, the heavens yield their truths; every resounding word is a sweet and tender voice within me. Love ever pulsating, speaking life giving love unto all things! Reveled, are all inner hidden treasures, the souls in heaven, newly born to Glories Eternal, as a newborn babe learning of the world around him? Wonderments ablaze with life and pure freedom course through every living being indelibly joined in the spirit the One True God! The Lord Jesus Christ. (As I AM so also are ye, in this world!)

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