Saturday, September 29, 2007

Age Development

1. 0-2 yrs.

Trust vs. Mistrust

2. 0-2 yrs.

Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt

(Autonomy Self- sufficient)

1 - 2 yrs.

(Can I? vs. I can?)

3. 3-5 yrs.

Initiative vs. Guilt What do I like?

4. 6-12 yrs.

Industry vs. Inferiority Can I do it well?

(Read, write friends Competent.)

5. Teens

Identity vs. Role confusion

6. 20-40s

Intimacy vs. Isolation

(Can I share myself with others without loosing myself?)

(Emotional closeness.) (Isolated)

(Being in a huge group and you're still emotionally isolated.)

7. 40-€70€s

Generatively vs. Stagnation

(Generatively €“ You are doing the best you can to improve yourself.)

(Stagnation €“ Staying the same, am I standing still?)

Use it or loose it. Our health is determent by your life style choice.

Two main tasks of Generatively are love and work.

8. 65-€“over

Integrity vs. Despair

(Integrity €“ Keeps going.)

(Despair €“ No do overs, a sense of despair, regrets)

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